Shiny.. Phil Wood + H Plus Son custom wheel build

27 Jan 2017

We just had to share this... In this age of factory wheelsets and, apparently, everything in a black anodized finish one sure way to stand out from your mates on the chaingang is a custom wheel build... particularly when the parts you're using look like this... Phil Wood hubs are among the best in the business with a fantastic reputation for durability (I've been running a pair in all weathers for the last 8 years without a hitch). The engineering is second to none.. and then there's the finish... they are also available in a polished black finish and a selection of anodized colours but really our favourite is the natural high polish. The finish is absolutely flawless. Combined with some high-polish H PLus Son TB14 rims this wheelset we are building for a customer is really going to be something special.


Phil Wood hubs custom wheelbuild Cornwall

Legendary Phil Wood level of finish


Phil Wood hubs custom wheelbuild Cornwall

Combined with high polish H Plus Son rims for a stunning, classic wheelset.


There is an awful lot to be said for a traditional wheelbuild - you can choose from a wide range of hubs, rims, and spokes that we can build into a wheelset tailored exactly to your requirements that will serve you well for many years. 

Phil Wood make hubs for road, track, touring and MTB (as well as some of the best bottom brackets on the markets and other bits and bobs), but we can also supply super alternatives from Paul Component Engineering, Chris King, Hope, Campagnolo and more. Give us a call to find out more about hubs, rims, spokes and a wheelbuild your mates will envy.