Servicing & Repairs

Our workshop services

We have a fully equipped workshop and are qualified to service and repair bicycles, tandems, tricycles and electric bikes  whether they have been bought from us or not.  We also offer specialist services such as wheel building, frame refinishing and restoration, as well as our custom bike building service.

Our workshop is nearly always busy and to avoid disappointment we would prefer that you give us a call on 01736 753825 to arrange a suitable time to drop your bicycle in to us.  We may well need the cycle for several days depending on the current workshop load and spare parts required. A free estimate can be provided before any work is carried out. If you are passing however or in the area on holiday and require emergency assistance we will always do our best to help.

We would appreciate if at all possible that all cycles brought in for servicing are cleaned. Any cycle that is excessively dirty and requires our technicians to clean them may incur an extra charge. This is for the health and safety of our staff.

Our service menu explains what we can offer within each service category. If your requirements are more specific we will be happy to discuss your repair in detail.


Standard Full Service

£30 + parts.

Our Standard Full service is a complete road safety check of your bicycle this includes: brake and gear adjustment, checks of all major components of the bicycle, tightening of all major nuts and bolts, tyres will be pumped and the bicycle will be oiled.


Premier Service

£60 + parts.

Our Premier Service includes a Full Standard Service Plus a more in depth inspection of your bicycle. Wheels removed and checked for alignment and tension in our wheel jig for maximum accuracy. Forks and cranks will be removed, frame cleaned and greased before re-installing the parts. This service will also include re-greasing hubs or bleeding brakes where needed. Your bicycle will also be cleaned and oiled.


Elite Service

£120 + parts.

Our Elite service will include both of the above services as well as cleaning and completely stripping your bicycle down to frame only. All parts will be cleaned, greased, checked and serviced before fully re-building your bicycle.
This service also includes a further free check up after 4 weeks.


Wheel Building

From £50 per wheel including spokes. Rims + hubs extra.

Additional charges may apply for specialist builds or if you ask us to build your wheels using rims and hubs not bought from us. Please call us for more information - 01736 753825.


Other Services

Please do give us a call with details if you're looking for a service not covered above.