Electric Bikes

Particularly good if you don't like hills!

In the few years since electric bike first hit the mainstream, and due to recent development in the technology, electric bicycles have evolved to become a truly exciting development and now encompass all flavours of bicycle - from useful town bikes through hybrids and road bikes to extremely capable cross-country and downhill mountain bikes. Essentially electric bikes are now cool. We stock electric bikes from industry leading manufacturers  - Merida and Powabyke.

The technology is now so capable that electric bikes are a very real, and powerful option, for so much more than going to the shops. Think of mountain bikes with built-in uplift capability, or a bike for touring and exploring that means you can still get home at the end of day regardless of the hills, or pubs, that might be in your way!

Below are some examples that illustrate some of the range of electric bikes available. Do give us a call or pop into the shop if you would like a demo.

Merida  Espresso City 600 EQ

A more traditional e-bike for about town use. Both step through (like this one) and conventional top tube frame styles are available.


Merida eOne-Sixty 900E

An example of one of Merida's full-sus electric mountain bikes. Hardtails are also available.


Powabyke Xbyke

Powabyke's most popular model and available in a low step 6 speed model as well as 2 different mens frame styles.


Powabyke F100 Folding EBike

There's even a folding e-bike. Just the job if you're short on storage space, going on holiday in a caravan or motorhome, or want to use it for a commute involving trains and/or buses.