A bit of round up

16 Sep 2017

I need to get on and write the last instalment from the Andes now I'm back in the UK (it's Mike writing) but first a long overdue  quick round up from the shop.

Merida Big Trail

We're rather liking the look of this 27.5+ hard tail trail bike from Merida that's in store now. It's a fresh ground-up design that we think will be a lot of fun and definitely worth looking at if you're in the market for a new trail bike. There's a great review over on pinkbike.com here (opens in new tab). We have the 600 (Merida web page) in stock with others in the range available to order.

Merida Big Trail


Brick Lane Bikes

Probably more familiar to the fixed wheel crowd but applicable to geared bikes too, Brick Lane Bikes have a range of lovely steel frames and very nicely made own-branded components and accessories (bamboo mudguards anyone?), as well as acting as agents for a number of interesting brands such as Nitto, and Paul Components. We now have an account and can get you anything you might want from their catalogue.  If you'd like a look we put together a very pretty bike around their steel single-speed road frame with a selection of their own-brand componentry (and some interesting parts of our own). It's in the store if you'd like to have a look.

Brick Lane Bikes singlespeed road frame


Haibike FatSix

Haibike are leaders in the electric bike business and if you wanted a reminder of just how capable electric bikes have become.. not only are there high performance road and mountain models, you can now have an e-fatbike for the full monster-truck experience...  in both hard tail or full-sus incarnations. On the workstand is this one we supplied recently back in for a service. We thought it would be fun to show it off. It's a beast... and by all accounts a big stack of fun.

Haibike FatSix

Haibike FatSix

Haibike FatSix


Some Interesting Numbers

I was fiddling around with some numbers earlier in the week, just out of interest, and the results were really very interesting and an insight into just how much difference riding a bike rather than jumping in the car can make to your life. 

Now, in the last 15 years I've ridden ~160,000km. Not as much as some folk I know but still a fair total. If I had travelled all of those miles in a car, in this case a small-medium car like a Ford Focus, then check out just what that would mean:

Money spent on fuel - £14,000 (approx at today's prices, & you could probably add at least £2K more for tyres & servicing)

Kilograms of CO2 generated  - approx 32,000kg

Of course exact figures depend on driving style but that's based on my own typical mpg, and figures from Exeter University on CO2 emissions. It has also kept me pretty happy, not to mention fit. So if you ever thought riding a bike instead of jumping in the car wasn't going to make a great deal of difference.. then there's some proof to the contrary. It is also of course far more beneficial for your mental state than driving. There are 37 million registered vehicles on Britain's roads. Just imagine how much change for the better takes place when people ride instead of drive.

Oh, and by the way.. you don't need a flash bike to enjoy the miles. Of the bikes I currently have the one with the most miles on it, at nearly 17,000, is an simple steel fixed wheel I put together for not much more than £300.

There. I'll get off my soapbox now.