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Thompson Bicycles is a Belgian family business set up in 1921 by Hector De Smet in the town of Geraardsbergen, home of the “Muur van Geraardsbergen” which became famous through the Tour of Flanders. As soon as it was founded, Thompson started full in-house production, from design to frame-building, painting and assembling. The public quickly got to know the Thompson motto: “High quality bikes at a fair price”. Since 1921, four generations of De Smets have spent over 90 years in the business… and their philosophy has never changed!

Today, Thompson offers a full range of bicycles comprising the   production of racing-, mountain-, cross-, sporting- and city bikes,   as well   as the latest addition of electric bikes.

Because of their design and quality, the Thompson racing bikes immediately found their way to the peloton of professional riders. Famous riders like “Iron” Briek Schotte for example won his first Tour of Flanders in 1942 on a Thompson racing bike. He would later go on to win the Tour 5 more times, making him one of the greatest “Flandriens”! But “Iron” Briek wasn’t the only rider who took advantage of the excellent quality of the Thompson bikes; in 1954, Roger Decock won the Tour of Belgium riding a Thompson. In an interview he gave later in life, he said “the Thompson bike I rode in ’54 was the best racing bike I ever had”!

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Thompson permit you to design your own colour scheme at no extra cost. The possibilities are endless, give us a call to find out more.


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